Thursday, 9 July 2009


Cars rust, dead trees decay, buildings collapse; all these things are
examples of entropy in action, the spontaneous and continuous
movement from order to disorder.
The measure of entropy must be global. For example, you can pump
heat out of a refrigerator (to make ice cubes), but the heat is placed in
the house and the entropy of the house increases, even though the local
entropy of the ice cube tray decreases. So the sum of the entropy in the
house and refrigerator increases.

The concept of entropy applies to many other physical systems other
than heat. For example, information flow suffers from entropy. A signal
is always degraded by random noise.
The entropy of the whole Universe always increased with time. We are
simply a local spot of low entropy and our destiny is linked to the
unstoppable increase of disorder in our world => stars will burn out,
civilizations will die from lack of power.

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